*All prices are a guide only and are dependant on vehicle size and condition.


Pre-Detail Assessment (£30)

Vehicle safe washed and dried.

A full inspection and report provided of the paint depths and defects within the paintwork and customer will be advised regarding the best course of action for their vehicle.

Stage 1 – Single Stage Enhancement (£250 – £400) 1-2 day.

Vehicles lower section pre washed and full vehicle snow-foamed with a PH neutral foam.

Arches, wheels, door shuts, badges and joints cleaned with pre-wash and soft bristle brush.

Vehicle high pressure rinsed.

Vehicle washed using the two-bucket method and lambs wool wash mitt’s before being rinsed again,

Vehicle then de-tarred, iron fallout removed and rinsed again.

Fallout removed from wheels.

Vehicle then clay-barred and then rinsed again.

Vehicle then dried with plush microfiber drying towels.

Panel gaps and trims taped off with lowtac tape and  a single stage machine polish performed  in order to enhance the gloss and remove some very light swirls.

All trims dressed and restored.

Tyre dressing applied.

Glass cleaned on the outside.

High quality sealant/wax applied to all paintwork.

Stage 2 – Correction Detail 

Premesis dependant (£400 – £600) 2-3 days

Includes the Single Stage Enhancement package but with an extra stage of machine polishing first with a cutting compound to remove deeper defects and imperfections from the paintwork and then a refinement stage to  enhance gloss.

A high quality wax/sealant is applied to all paintwork, glass and wheels.

A ceramic coating can be added for £150

Stage 3 – Full Correction

Premesis dependant (£800 – £1500)  5-7 days

Includes all of stage 1 and 2 detail but with additional stages of machine polishing to achieve full paint correction where possible.

A full paint report and print out of paint depths before and after polishing will be provided.

All glass and wheels sealed with the appropriate sealant.

A ceramic/hydrophobic paint coating will be applied to protect the finish and show off that shine (Ceramic Coatings are durable for up to 5 years; eliminating the need to polish or wax in that time).

Extras when purchased with stage 1,2 or 3 detail package.

Engine Detail (£40).

Deodourising of Interior (£30)..

Wheel Coating (£150)

Glass Coating (£60).

1 Year Ceramic Paint Coating (£150).

3 Year Ceramic Paint Coating (£200).

Stonechip touch ups P-O-A.

Minor Scratch Repair P-O-A.

Headlight Restoration (£50 a set).

Interior valet (£40).


Safe Wash And Dry (£20)

Vehicle snow-foamed and then hand washed using the two-bucket method.

Vehicle dried using Plush microfiber drying towels.

Mini Valet for well maintained cars from (£35)

Vehicle washed and dried.

Rubbish removed and vehicle hovered.

tyres dressed.

Full Valet from (£80 – £200)

Vehicle pre washed

Vehicle snow foamed and left to dwell.

Vehicle pressure rinsed.

2 bucket safe wash.

Tar spots removed

Wheels, and door/boot shuts cleaned.

Interior, emptied and hoovered.

Seats shampooed or leather cleaned if needed.

Plastics cleaned/dressed.

Glass cleaned.

Exterior spray wax.

Trims and tyres dressed.

Air freshner.

All valeting prices are dependent on size and condition of vehicle.

Headlight restoration £50 the pair.

Valeting Extras

On top of usual charge, Interior deep clean for mould, excessive pet hair, blood, vomit and severe staining etc (£40).

De-odourising  (from £30

De-odourising is an effective way to destroy a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses at source whilst also destroying odours and leaving a fresh fragrance..

This method consists of ‘fogging’ out the vehicle using a de-odourising machine and leaving the mist inside the vehicle for a period of time to ensure that it works its way into all fabrics and crevices.

                                                                             OTHER SERVICES

New Car Protection (£500 – £1000)

It is common knowledge that when you buy a new vehicle, the majority of the time, the dealer will give the vehicle its very first wash and actually inflict damage to the paintwork by not using the correct washing procedures and using inferior equipment and untrained people concerning paint care. Why spend such a great amount of money on a lovely new vehicle and have it cosmetically damaged before you even receive the keys? Insist that the dealer leaves the car alone and bring it straight along to CRP Detailing for a New Car Protection Detail. This package consists of:

A full, safe two-bucket wash and condition including the vehicle being snow-foamed and decontaminated.

The vehicle will then be fully inspected for defects (which will be removed where necessary)

and two coats of sealant or wax will be applied.

Ceramic coating at higher end of cost structure.

Wheels and glass will be sealed and a fabric guard applied to interior *far superior to main dealer supplied treatments, at a fraction of the cost*.

Winter Prep Detail (£200-£300)

Wintry conditions, salt on the roads and cold temperatures can be extremely harsh and damaging towards car paintwork. The Winter Prep Detail includes a safety report consisting of tyre tread depths, tyre pressure and checks of anti-freeze levels), the vehicle is then washed, dried and clay-barred and the paintwork and wheels are sealed and protected with 2 coats of wax or A pre determined sealant in order to form a barrier against the elements. Glass is also coated with a rain repellant.