Remus Exhausts

The strictly guarded trade secret behind the worldwide success from Styria lies in the sound intelligence of REMUS. The specialists from Bärnbach are world leaders when it comes to translating the complex arithmetic of acoustic, thermal, mechanical and molecular behaviors of materials into quality products. In the research and development center the Sound of REMUS is precisely calculated for customers and vehicles based on highly complex algorithms. It is then transposed to the different sound body prototypes made of stainless steel, titanium, carbon and in motor sports even the ultra heat-resistant Inconel 625 which is also used in airplane construction. All new engine-sound compositions finally have their world premiere in the REMUS Sound Space: There, protected in a hermetically, absolutely sound neutral designed sound laboratory all possible situations are simulated on a high-tech test bed. As long as it takes for a new REMUS system to meet the highest demands. The checklist of influencing factors for the perfect sound includes a whole series of important elements that have to be taken in consideration. A high-end sports exhaust is just so much more than just a simple pot and a pipe.