Sold in 65 countries worldwide, V-Maxx coilover suspension has fast become a familiar name on the tuning scene. The team behind V-Maxx have many years of experience in the sports suspension industry and are continually bringing new kits to market.

Height-Adjustable Coilovers
TÜV-approved and with a two year warranty, V-Maxx coilovers represent some of the best value suspension currently available. With on-vehicle ride height adjustment and factory-set damping, the ride height can be easily adjusted allowing you to achieve the ultimate stance. Damping is preset by V-Maxx to give the best balance between sporty handling and ride comfort for fast-road driving.
Height and Damping Adjustable Coilovers
The flagship suspension from V-Maxx, combining on-vehicle adjustment of both height and damping, this kit gives improved control over factory-set V-Maxx kits whilst still allowing easy height adjustment for that perfect vehicle stance. Damping ranges from "road comfort" to "trackday stiff" with over 20+ click levels of adjustment.
Lowering Spring Kits
Offering the most comprehensive spring range on the market, V-Maxx springs are a direct replacement your factory springs and have been designed to work effectively with the OEM dampers – or any quality aftermarket offerings.
Big Brake Kits
The best value TUV approved big brake kit on the market, available in both 290mm and 330mm 4 pot caliper designs tailored for each application. Each kit includes a 4-piston caliper, floating grooved disc, and a full fitting kit.